A Thoughtful Approach to Black Friday: Choosing Quality Over Discounts

As the days grow shorter and the holiday season approaches, one thing that often comes to mind is Black Friday, that annual event of massive discounts and shopping sprees. But this year, just like the last, we at Apiliotis have made the conscious choice not to participate in Black Friday sales. Our decision remains rooted in our unwavering commitment to a set of values we hold dear. We believe in quality over quantity, supporting small businesses, and advocating for responsible consumerism.


Here’s why we’re choosing to say no to the Black Friday frenzy once again.


Quality Over Discounts

Our core belief centers around paying the true worth of a product, from the materials we source to our partnerships with artisans and craftsmen. Our prices are thoughtfully set to ensure a sustainable business model, one that pays our partners and suppliers fairly throughout the year. While we occasionally offer discounts, these are well-considered, and they’re our way of expressing gratitude to you, our valued customers. We strive to offer everyone the chance to own an Apiliotis piece, especially if it’s their first. But we refuse to compromise on the quality, craftsmanship, and fair compensation that go into our jewellery.

We often ponder the question: How can a product be reasonably sold at 30%, 40%, or even 90% off and still allow a company to make a profit? This query applies not just to product quality but also to the production process. If businesses can afford to slash prices significantly during Black Friday, it begs the question of how much they’re making throughout the rest of the year or whether prices are artificially inflated prior to Black Friday to enable such extensive discounts. While this may be a more significant issue for large corporations, it’s essential to consider, especially in a time of rampant consumerism.

Our jewellery is meticulously handcrafted in our studio, with pieces cast in similarly small workshops throughout Athens. This means that every piece we create demands time, skill, and the fair compensation of those involved in its production.

When you invest in an Apiliotis piece, you’re investing in quality, longevity, and supporting the skilled individuals who create them.


The Unsustainable Side of Black Friday

The Black Friday tradition contradicts our motto – “Buy less, value your items, wear them a lifetime.” Studies have shown that people tend to spend more during Black Friday, often on things they don’t truly need, simply because they’re discounted. It’s a paradox that should make us pause and reconsider the true value of this tradition. The desire for a deal can sometimes lead to unnecessary purchases and overconsumption, which goes against our philosophy.

A high degree of consumerism, especially during Black Friday, carries a significant cost to our planet, laborers, and small businesses that cannot afford to offer massive discounts. The impact of such mass consumption on our environment, the welfare of workers, and the vitality of local businesses is undeniable.


The Apiliotis Stance

For us at Apiliotis, Black Friday represents a tradition that conflicts with our principles. The rush for steep discounts often overshadows the essence of what we aim to offer – high-quality, handcrafted jewellery pieces that reflect their true value. So, once again, we’ve decided not to be part of Black Friday.

We firmly believe that our products, your valued purchases, should never be compromised.


Our Suggestion for Black Friday

We propose a different approach to Black Friday this year. Instead of rushing to the stores, consider making a thoughtful choice. Use this day to reflect on what you genuinely need. Spend time with friends and family, take a moment to relax, or indulge in activities that bring you joy. Don’t let the desire for discounts overshadow the true meaning of this holiday season.


As the frenzy of Black Friday approaches, we hope this message reminds you to be mindful consumers.

Invest in products that reflect your values and will stand the test of time.

Support small businesses, artisans, and ethical brands.

Together, let’s make choices that resonate with our commitment to quality and sustainability, not just during the holiday season, but throughout the year.

Thank you for being a part of our journey, and for choosing Apiliotis.



Apiliotis team

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