Our story

Timeless robust jewellery

We are a small jewellery studio based in Athers.

We are part of a non profit urban company VISITORS Art Space. We love to create objects inspired from personal memories and emotions. Our goal is Apiliotis jewellery to be part of your own experiences forming a material co-existence within our community. We create all our designs by hand. Our materials are recycled silver and locally sourced semiprecious gemstones. Our inspiration comes from memories and we aim to produce for you unique pieces that will accompany your precious moments in life. We believe that jewellery is a form of expression and we want to produce robust and timeless designs. For this reason we offer free maintenance of the pieces that you buy from our studio.

People Behind Apiliotis Jewellery:

Caterina Papastergiou – Jewellery Designer and Maker

Maria Panagopoulou – Marketing and Social Media Manager

Our brand

Form of material coexistence
in community

We are a female owed ethical jewellery business that operates on a non profit basis. This means that we do not distribute shares. We are paid fare wedges and all profits are put back to our business growth, supporting artists or environmental causes. We focus on timeless designs with curvy lines that stand out. We want our Jewellery to be part of your daily life and be “charged” with memories. In this way we feel that the user and the creator form a material connection. We are pro sustainability and solidarity in communities. We are trying our production to have minimal impact to the environment but also the local community we are part of. We have long and strong relationships with our partners with who we share similar ethics. All our clients and partners are valuable part of Apiliotis community.

Our name

Inspired from memories

Apiliotis is one of the eight “Winds” of ancient Greek mythology which is illustrated on the Clock of Kyristos sculped on the 200BC. Apiliotis is the warm autumn wind which comes from the East (from the sun–ἀπό +ἠέλιος) and brings the harvest. This wind is very closely bound with Caterina’s childhood and the early autumn grape harvest and wine making in her area. Brings memories of large tables, close friends and family that are brought together for the harvest and mainly to eat, drink, dance and socialize in warm and flavorful nights. We like our jewellery to be items that carry precious memories over the years for their owners. We usually need just a few friends in order to create stories. Items are just there to remind beautiful moments and warm our heart.

Our partners

kind & strong
relationship with