Alkistis Giraud at “The Numbers” x Apiliotis Jewellery

Alkistis Giraud (our favorite girl ever!) stars at “The Numbers” at ERTFLIX. The new 24-episode musical comedy is a hybrid of comical situations, heaps of satire and musical spectacle, based on Foivos Delivorias and Spyros Krimpalis’ original idea and directed by Grigoris Karantinakis. An original fiction series, in which reality will be defeated by surrealism. It is the story of a songwriter and his bizarre troupe, who will try to revive Attik’s performing troupe “Mantra” in modern Athens.

Alkistis, chose her favorite pieces of our collections and wears them through out the episodes of the show. Here is a complete catalogue of her favorite pieces:




Danaë Earrings                            Iris Earrings                             

danae earrings iris earrings

Perseida Earrings                         Atossa earrings

perseida earrings atossa earrings

Lysistrate Earrings

lysistrate earrings





Zeus ring                                        Thalassa green ring

zeus ring thalassa green ring

Myrtis ring

myrtis ring




Hypatia green necklace               Naya necklace





Connections bracelet                  Gaia bracelet

connections bracelet Gaia bracelet





Amalthea anklet bracelet

amalthea anklet bracelet


Go see the show and spot our pieces on Alkistis!

A big THANK YOU to Alkistis for the support and love that gives to us!



Apiliotis team

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