Apiliotis Portrait: Alexandra Diona

Alexandra Diona – A Shiny Day


“we aim to shine light on the people wearing the jewelry.

Their style, their thoughts, their inspirations – as told and shown by themselves.

Let’s dive together in to the personal stories of the Apiliotis people.”



Apiliotis Portraits feature Alexandra Diona – the shiny side of the world!


Alexandra is the brightest person but we are sure that you already know that!


She is warm and friendly, creative and thoughtful, sensitive and powerful.


She definitely has a unique personal style and couldn’t be missed from our Apiliotis Portraits. She loves upcycling her clothes and translating to them her creativity and craftmanship. The vest that she chose to wear has embroideries that she has decorated it with and we can not take our eyes off it!


She likes to wear color and she always combines bold colors with great success!


Jewelry is big part of her looks also and color couldn’t be missing from those either.


Here is the complete catalogue of what she wore:








handmade pendant necklace by recycled silver

*If you have spotted another necklace that is not here… you have a good eye! It’s a sneak peek of a pieces that is coming soon!




 hadnmade pinky ring by recycled silver






Alexandra thank you very much for brighten our studio with your presence!  ♡


Photos: Spyros Chamalis



Apiliotis team

Apiliotis jewelry, apiliotis portraits, alexandra diona, a shiny day
Apiliotis jewelry, apiliotis portraits, alexandra diona, a shiny day