Apiliotis Portrait: Alkistis Giraud

Alkistis Giraud


“we aim to shine light on the people wearing the jewelry.

Their style, their thoughts, their inspirations – as told and shown by themselves.

Let’s dive together in to the personal stories of the Apiliotis people.”



Apiliotis Portraits feature Alkistis Giraud – Actress and one of our favorite people to work and hang out with! 


She is our girl and we love seeing her in our pieces! When you are with Alkistis there are no dull moments – she always has an interesting and unique story to share – and we believe that translates into her style too.


Her image always matches her personality and she never looks like someone else! She does casual looks as good as she does rock or girly looks but you never think that something doesn’t suit her or that it is not her! She does the same thing with jewelry too. She makes the most everyday pieces look like a statement and vice versa!


Here is the complete catalogue of what she wore:


Apiliotis jewelry, apiliotis portraits, alkistis giraud




Product photo on white background. Lysistrate earrings are drop and dangle style earring with a circular organic circle of diameter approx. 2cm at the top and an oval loop loop at the bottom chained into the top circle. The bottom oval loop has 3,5cm long diateter and 2cm short diameter. In the picture the view is from the front the front earring is fully in the picture and we see only the top part of the back earring.




Right hand:


Left hand:

geometric ring by recycled silver ring by recycled silver organic shaped ring by recycled silver hadnmade pinky ring by recycled silver





Alkistis thank you for always being unapologetically you! ♡


Photos: Spyros Chamalis



Apiliotis team

Apiliotis jewelry, apiliotis portraits, alkistis giraud
Apiliotis jewelry, apiliotis portraits, alkistis giraud