Apiliotis Portrait: Marcello



“we aim to shine light on the people wearing the jewelry.

Their style, their thoughts, their inspirations – as told and shown by themselves.

Let’s dive together in to the personal stories of the Apiliotis people.”



Apiliotis Portraits feature Marcello – graphic designer and an Italian treat! 


Our Italian delight and amazing friend, Marcello, is behind our logo and website design. He has been one of the greatest supporters of Apiliotis since our first steps. We love his work as much as we love seeing him in our pieces!


He has a “quiet” but powerful style. He chooses minimal lines but with a bold impact and we are here for it!


He doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry but he choses carefully the ones that make the most impact in his looks.


Here is the complete catalogue of what he wore:


Apiliotis jewelry, apiliotis portraits, marcello







handmade ring by recycled silver ring by recycled silver


Marcello thank you for everything! ♡


Photos: Spyros Chamalis



Apiliotis team

Apiliotis jewelry, apiliotis portraits, marcello
Apiliotis jewelry, apiliotis portraits, marcello
apiliotis portraits, marcello