Backstage: The From A to Z Collection Photoshoot

Let’s see the behind the scenes of our latest collection’s photoshoot, “From A to Z”.


Capturing the Essence

Choosing the right setting is paramount in bringing a collection to life.

For “From A to Z,” we selected the versatile APM Studio21, a space with natural light, allowing our jewellery to shine.


Unveiling the Creative Process

Step into the shoes of our creative team as they ideate, style, and meticulously attend to details during the photoshoot. The journey from concept to the final click was infused with passion and dedication, ensuring that each letter’s unique character and handcrafted beauty were flawlessly captured.

We observed the distinctiveness of each letter, reflecting the diverse personalities of individuals. Our choice of models with different looks aims to emphasize that each person is inherently different and entirely unique, even if they share the same name or initials.

Moreover, the flexibility of each piece, allowing them to carry personal meanings, being stackable, and versatile, accentuates the idea that while we are given a name without our personal choice, throughout our lives, we choose to infuse it with personal significance or even alter it.


A Grateful Acknowledgment

As we conclude this backstage journey, our thanks extend to every individual who contributed their expertise and passion to this photoshoot. From the talented photographer, to the models and makeup artist, each played a pivotal role in bringing the “From A to Z” collection to life.

We express our gratitude for their dedication and the incredible energy they infused into the project.


Behind the Scenes Credits:

Photographer: Orestis

Models: Clarissa, Maria, Serge

Makeup Artist: Alex

Studio: APM Studio




Caterina & Maria

Apiliotis Team

From A to Z collection backstage - the team