Bench Practices for a Sustainable Jewellery Studio

Inspired by the “Eco Jewellery Handbook” by Christine Dhein, 2018, we have decided to share some of our sustainable jewellery studio tips for our fellow jewellery makers or people who would like to learn a bit more on sustainable jewellery making .




Cradle-to-cradle concept:


Cradle-to-cradle concept products are made from materials that can be perpetually re-used in closed loops. Precious metals like silver and gold are an example due to their value – they rarely are thrown away. Recycled precious metals are a great material for a sustainable jewellery studio.


Recycling unused jewellery for your customers:


Encouraging customers to recycle unused jewellery by offering credit, or bespoke “renovation” service on an attractive price. This practice brings precious metals back?? into supply chain. This may need specific training and equipment in order to evaluate old metals, but time and experience will soon reword you!





Conserve energy and fuel where possible e.g.:

• Use water-soluble, vegetable-based polishing compounds that do not require heat to be removed.
• Use LED lamps.
• Turn off lights, equipment and remove plugs after use.
• Reduce temperature of the thermostat in your studio.
• Purchase “green energy” and carbon offset.


Conserve water where possible e.g.:


• Never let water running not in use.
• Keep wash bucket in a sink or near the bench.
• Install faucet aerators for a splash-free stream of water.
• Collect water from running tab to use for other purposes (cleaning or plant watering).


Reduce and recycle paper products:


• Use cloth towels instead of paper ones.
• Use recycled and reusable packaging and ask suppliers to do the same.
• Reuse packaging from suppliers.
• Print/copy double-sided where possible.
• Carefully consider printable promotional material. Avoid where possible and use recycled paper.


Find innovative solutions:

• Take time to analyse the issue and find solutions that would have minimum waste.
• Create partnerships with other artists and craft people that have the same values. We are a proud partner of Kokkos upcycledproject who make our beautiful jewellery pouches!
• Just think of alternatives!




• Collecting bench scrap.
• Collecting studio scrap.
• Collecting precious metal dust.
• Utilising ingots, crucible and rolling mill for reclaiming.
• Reusing scrap in casting procedure.
• Send scraps to refiners with common types of certification (e.g. SCS global, Responsible Jewellery Council).


Apiliotis team