Embracing World Vegan Day: Apiliotis Jewellery’s Journey Towards Sustainability

November 1st marks World Vegan Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the growing awareness and practice of plant-based living. At Apiliotis Jewellery, we embrace the values of sustainability, eco-consciousness, and respect for the environment, and we’re proud to share our commitment to these principles on this special occasion.


Our Journey Towards Sustainability

As we commemorate World Vegan Day, it’s essential to highlight the remarkable journey Apiliotis Jewellery has embarked on towards sustainability. Our brand’s founder and designer, Caterina, is not only passionate about crafting unique jewellery pieces but is also a devoted vegan. This personal commitment to a plant-based lifestyle has profoundly influenced the brand’s ethos.


Sustainable Creation

All Apiliotis Jewellery pieces are created with sustainability in mind. From the selection of materials to the crafting process, we make conscious choices that align with our values. Our commitment to sustainability includes the use of ethical, eco-friendly materials such as recycled metals and cruelty-free, lab-grown gemstones. We believe that a vegan lifestyle extends beyond food choices, and it encompasses every facet of life, including our creative processes.


Respect for Animals

We deeply respect and care for all living beings, and this is reflected in our cruelty-free and vegan approach. None of our jewellery incorporates animal-derived materials, ensuring that no harm comes to animals in the production of our pieces. By adhering to these values, we’re contributing to a world that is more compassionate and considerate of our fellow creatures.


Sustainable Design and Packaging

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the creation of jewellery. We are dedicated to sustainable design and packaging. Our jewelrley is designed to be timeless and long-lasting, reducing the need for excessive consumption and waste. When you purchase an Apiliotis piece, you’re investing in a beautiful and enduring accessory that respects the planet.

Furthermore, our packaging is eco-friendly, using materials that are both upcycled and recyclable. We believe that the entire journey of our jewellery, from creation to presentation, should be a reflection of our eco-conscious values.


Offsetting Our Carbon Emissions

We acknowledge the impact of our operations on the environment, and as a responsible brand, we’ve taken action to mitigate this. Every year, we make an annual donation to a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting climate change. This donation offsets the carbon emissions associated with our activities, ensuring that we are carbon-neutral.


Join Us on World Vegan Day

As we mark World Vegan Day, we invite you to join us in celebrating the values of sustainability, compassion, and respect for the planet and all its inhabitants. Consider making mindful choices that contribute to a more eco-conscious and ethical world. Whether it’s embracing a plant-based lifestyle, choosing cruelty-free products, or supporting brands like Apiliotis Jewellery, your actions can make a difference.


World Vegan Day is not only a celebration of a compassionate lifestyle but also a reminder of the responsibility we all share in preserving our planet.

Apiliotis Jewellery remains dedicated to promoting sustainability, both in our jewelry and throughout our brand’s operations.

Together, we can create a more humane, eco-conscious world.



Join us in embracing World Vegan Day, and let’s continue our journey towards a more sustainable and compassionate future.



Apiliotis team