Express yourself

We are here to support you on, to express yourself however you want 🖤


We create jewellery that compliments style expressions across the beautiful and vast palette of people. Each piece shines differently depending on how it’s styled and who wears it.


We are here to inspire and encourage you to find your inspiration for expression within our community, customers, collaborators and creatives who are an ever-evolving source of inspiration to us.



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Create a completely custom piece of your dreams with us! Read here how we are creating our jewellery and contact us for a jewellery consultation!


Jewellery featured:

connections bracelet jewellery Thalassa silver ring with gemstone chunky ring by recycled silver Ring with organic shape handcrafted by recycled silver geometrical shaped ring by recycled silver hadnmade pinky ring by recycled silver



Let’s cheer each other up and express ourselves freely



Apiliotis team