From A to Z: Crafting Identity Through Simplicity

We created the “From A to Z” Collection, a collaboration between Caterina and Maria.

This collection marks Maria’s debut in jewellery design.


What inspired the collection? – Maria’s point of view


When embarking on the journey of creating a collection together, the exploration of my identity as a jewellery designer became the starting point. I delved into what message I wanted to convey to the world, eventually playing with the profound concept of identity itself. This exploration led me to the idea of Initials as a powerful means of identification.

In a world often entangled in complex threads of definition, Caterina & me discovered the beauty of simplicity. The pursuit of self-identity drew us back to the basics, where the significance of initials emerged.

Thus, the birth of the “From A to Z” Collection—a testament to authenticity and self-exploration through bold, yet minimalist design.

This collection resonates with the beauty found in simplicity.

In a contemporary landscape where various elements define our identity, we found solace in simplicity. When grappling with the question “Who are we, really?” we returned to the fundamental notion that our initials carry profound significance.

This realization is the heartbeat of the collection—an ode to authenticity and exploration through minimalistic yet impactful design.

At the core of this collection lies the simple yet profound idea of initials, commonly known as letters.

Letters, with their inherent power to shape identities and lives, form the essence of this collection.


What inspired the collection? – Caterina’s point of view


With Maria’s inspiration as the starting point, I tried to translate her thoughts into jewellery pieces without compromising the flowing and organic design lines that define Apiliotis. These lines embody the true essence of our crafting procedures.

The underlying concept stems from the idea that our initials constitute our primary identity, influenced by the characteristics derived from our personality, imbuing distinct meanings for each individual based on their unique experiences.

Just as our experiences sometimes sharpen and, at other times, soften us, the letters follow the same principles. As this process of character development extended to our minds, we chose to incorporate oxidations and hammering of the Apiliotis dandelion, as mentioned, fostering an even stronger connection with the brand’s identity and design principles.


Design direction


As mentioned previously, starting with the Apiliotis Jewellery font—a symbol of the brand’s identity—continuing with the application of “imperfections”.

This represents the blend of our distinct aesthetics, a fusion of bold, simple, and straight with soft, imperfect, and rounded elements, creating a piece that retains the essence of the original letter.

Our keen observation of the distinctiveness of each letter mirrors the diverse personalities of individuals. We aim to emphasize that every person is inherently different and entirely unique, even if they share the same name or initials.

Furthermore, the flexibility of each piece, allowing them to carry personal meanings, being stackable, and versatile, accentuates the idea that while we are given a name without our personal choice, throughout our lives, we choose to infuse it with personal significance or even alter it.


Specific design principles or techniques


The process begins with the Apiliotis Jewellery font, the brand’s signature. Utilizing advanced 3D printing technology, letters are intricately shaped in wax. Caterina then starts with the creation of the primary jewellery structure.

The final touched involves hammering the Apiliotis dandelion symbol into each letter and oxidations.

This step marries the bold, perfect letter structure with the organic and imperfect essence of Apiliotis jewellery, resulting in a collection that’s uniquely Apiliotis.


“From A to Z” is not just a collection; it’s a narrative of self-expression and individuality.

Perfection and Imperfection, simplicity and complexity – this collection reflects the essence of the wearers themselves.

With each piece, we invite you to embrace your identity, your story, and what defines you.

Explore the collection, where the journey from A to Z is not just a voyage of letters but a celebration of the authentic you.


Craft your identity. Wear your story. From A to Z.



Caterina & Maria

Apiliotis team