How to Layer Your Necklaces: A Guide to Creating a Stylish Look

Layering necklaces is a popular trend that can elevate any outfit. However, it can be difficult to know where to start.

In this blog post, we’ll provide tips and tricks for layering your necklaces to create a stylish and cohesive look.



1: Choose Your Necklaces


Let’s start our discussion with the different types of necklaces that can be used for layering, including delicate chains, statement necklaces, and pendants. In our collection, there are many types of necklaces that are perfect for layering.

Let’s find out together what necklace is what:



Dione chain handmade necklace by recycled silver


statement necklaces:

handmade necklace by recycled silver



handmade pendant necklace



2: Length and Placement


It is important to choose necklaces of different lengths and placing them in the right order. Here are some looks that we have created with pieces from out collection of necklaces that come in various lengths, allowing for versatile layering.


3: Mix and Match


Mixing and matching different necklace types with different lengths is important if you want to create a cohesive and bold look.

Extra Tip: We like to combine two of the same necklaces sometimes. That is a strong and eye-catching look and we always get compliments on. Our suggestions for that are:


Electron necklace:

handmade necklace with amber gemstone


Dione chain:


4: Final Touches


Adding finishing touches such as a pendant or a choker to complete the look it the way to go for sure! Apiliotis Jewellery’s selection of pendants and chokers (coming soon) can add the perfect finishing touch to a necklace layering.

Extra Tip: If you are not finding what you like or you have something very specific in mind, you can contact us and we can create the perfect custom jewellery piece for you! Our expression through jewellery shouldn’t be limited from what is available in the market. We are creating many bespoke and unique pieces with our customers in order to feet their style the best way! Contact us here

Layering necklaces is a fun and creative way to express your personal style through jewellery. By following our guide and incorporating Apiliotis Jewellery’s unique collection of necklaces, you can create a stylish and trendy layered look.



Apiliotis team

handcrafted jewellery by recycled silver
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