Jewellery: A Form of Self Expression That Reflects Your Personality

Why do we wear jewellery?



It is an asset, a form of self expression.

Jewellery gives you confidence and reflects your personality. It is very much a part of your life.



If you have inherited items of jewellery from family or friends, the sentimentality of this can be great. Your Grandmother’s wedding band, or a favorite Aunt’s brooch, should give you a connection to your past.


When buying Jewellery you should keep in with the right combination you can make your own fashion statement. Selecting a piece of jewellery is an important task – similar to picking your wardrobe. You should select something that matches your personal style and that you are comfortable wearing in. Something you can appreciate now but for many years to come also.


It all boils down to the occasion and what you’re wearing. Be it gold, diamond, silver jewelry – or costume jewelry, it reflects your fashion sense to the people around you.


In the end, we would advice you to wear only those items which mean the most to you, and suit your personality. However, there is no harm in trying to experiment with your accessories.



Jewellery is meant to be worn and enjoyed.

Wear it, enjoy it.



There will never be a conclusive decision regarding the modern relevancy of jewellery. It depends on the person and their preference. Either way, jewelry is one way of presenting yourself and showing your personal style.


Jewellery worn in picture:



Apiliotis team