From A to Z Letter Original price was: 35,00 €.Current price is: 29,75 €.
Recycled sterling silver

From A to Z Letter

Recycled sterling silver

Original price was: 35,00 €.Current price is: 29,75 €.

“From A to Z” letter is a handcrafted letter piece that can be added to our From A to Z necklace, your already-owned necklace chain, bracelet, safety pin or anywhere you like. Letter’s height is 1.5cm.


Made with care from 100% recycled sterling silver.


The “From A to Z” necklace letter is created using advanced 3D design and printing techniques, followed by casting with the lost-wax or ‘cire-perdue’ method.


A collaborative effort between Caterina and Maria, this collection marks Maria’s debut in jewellery design.


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Inspiration note from Caterina & Maria:


In a world of complexity, the “From A to Z” Collection is a celebration of simplicity, embodying authenticity and self-exploration through bold, minimalistic design.

“Who are we, really?” The answer lies in the significance of our initials—letters that wield the power to define identities.

Beginning with the Apiliotis Jewellery font, symbolizing our brand identity, the journey introduces soft edges and imperfections, merging our distinct aesthetics into a fusion of bold simplicity and soft imperfection.

Each piece reflects the uniqueness of individuals, emphasizing that even those who share the same name or initials are inherently different. The collection’s flexibility, allowing personal meanings, stacking, and versatility, underscores the idea that while our names are given, infusing them with personal significance is a lifelong choice.

Craft your identity. Wear your story. From A to Z.

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