Saran Bracelet 35,00 

Saran Bracelet

Saran Bracelet is a handcrafted pendant bracelet with organic shape and oxidized details.

100% Recycled Sterling Silver bracelet features a silver connection band in the back and a Vegan suede leather cord of 30cm length.

Saran Bracelet is hand carved on wax and casted with the lost-wax or “cire-perdue”

Co-designed with Dimitris Elafropoulos.


You can wear it as a set with our Saran Necklace.

We love wear our Saran bracelet with:

Circe cuff

Healing ring

Leda pinky ring


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Inspiration note  from Caterina:


At this part of creation of our Perfectly Imperfect collection, we explored the surrender on the path to find ourselves. Sometimes the unknown can provide safety. Is the risk that we don’t need to take and thus we surrender. The exploration of the unknown body of a lover, situations, experiences that luck familiarity and thus could be part of a healing process. In this case how can the memory be formed?

The African name Saran means “The joy of surrender”, and the Hindi version has the meaning of “sanctuary, refuge”. We thought it is a fitting name for our bracelet.


This is a reminder, form into a bracelet, to surrender and explore with open heart…

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