Thalassa blue 110,00 
Recycled sterling silver | Agate

Thalassa blue

Recycled sterling silver | Agate


Thalassa ring is a handcrafted chunky ring with 2 blue Agate gemstones.

Made by 100% Recycled sterling silver with approx. max width 25mm

Thalassa ring is hand carved on wax and casted with lost-wax technique.


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Inspiration note from Caterina:

Thalassa ring is one of our pieces in the Roots and Connections collection. Along with  Gaia bangle they symbolise the grounding – how the environment gives us the support and stability/security. Thalassa ring and  Gaia bangle are our reference . The earth and the sea. The warmth of bear feet touching the ground and connect our two sides to our reference earth. The dew of the sea water that gives us fresh views.


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