Ermelinda red 116,00 
Recycled sterling silver | Red Agate Stone

Ermelinda red

Recycled sterling silver | Red Agate Stone


Ermelinda ring is a handcrafted geometrical chunky ring with a red Agate gemstone.

Made by 100% recycled sterling silver with approx. max width 14mm

Hand carved on wax and casted with lost-wax technique.


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Inspiration note from Caterina:

Ermelinda belongs to our Roots and Connections collection. It symbolizes self oppression – how do we bind our own mind to ideas and situations? This stone is set to a totally wrong setting for its shape and size. We even have to trim a part of the stone in order to set in this shape, which makes it even look odd. We hope it is a kind reminder to listen to our needs and communicate our views without fear of judgement.

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