Frames Earrings Original price was: 130,00 €.Current price is: 110,50 €.
Recycled sterling silver | Opal

Frames Earrings

Recycled sterling silver | Opal

Original price was: 130,00 €.Current price is: 110,50 €.

Frames Earrings is a handcrafted pair of earrings with a statement Dangle & Drop look and opal gemstones.

Made by 100% recycled sterling silver.

This a luxury and statement piece. Perfect for special occasions and as a gift to a loved one!


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Inspiration note from Caterina:

This statement piece of our Roots & Connections collection is a reference to the expectations – how are we framed by and act to others’ expectations?

Frame earrings present a beautiful yellow Opal stone like a candy – sweet, neat and tidy. But these stones come always in slightly different shapes.

We have to force them in the same mold. In the same way we force ourselves to expected behaviors. But look at the details… the beauty of this piece is always hidden in these differences!

Reminder to always protect and hold your unique self!

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