Amaryllis necklace 83,00 
Recycled sterling silver | Sterling silver chain

Amaryllis necklace

Recycled sterling silver | Sterling silver chain

Amaryllis necklace is a handcrafted necklace with an organic circular pendant.

Made by 100% recycled sterling silver and a sterling silver loop 50cm.

Hand carved on wax and casted with lost-wax technique.

This piece can be ordered to your ring size if you want to double it as a ring.

We are also offer engraving services. Contact us for more information about engravings.


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Inspiration note from Caterina:


Pendant is handmade with lox wax technique. You can choose the ring to be on your finger size. Amaryllis necklace is one of our circular necklaces designed in February 2021. Amaryllis name is derived from Greek word ἀμαρύσσω (amarysso) meaning “to sparkle”. This piece is the first of a series of necklaces where we used the circle element in order to experiment with organic shapes. Circle represents the macrocosm and the microcosm. It also represents eternity, for a circle has no visible beginning nor an end. The moment one stands in the center of the circle one symbolizes the divine in the universe. Our first piece of this series – Amaryllis – stands at the center of the circle and sparkles. We hope that this piece will provide grounding to the wearer in order for their heart to sparkle. We would like this piece to be a kind reminder for self love.

Amaryllis can be personalised with your finger size and also engraved. Choose your motto and sparkle!

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