Terpsis earrings 90,00 
Recycled sterling silver

Terpsis earrings

Recycled sterling silver

Terpsis earrings is a handcrafted earring set with a circular organic shape.

Made by 100% recycled sterling silver.

Terpsis earrings are hand carved on wax and casted with lost-wax technique.

You can pair your Terpsis earrings with our Terpsis Necklace for a complete look.


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Inspiration note from Caterina:

Terpsis is our fourth and final piece of circular shapes.  Symbolises joy, gratification, pleasure. Terpsis is not a perfect circle and has fully organic shape. Just like joy and pleasure in our lives that comes in random moments. Terpsis is charged by moments of delight and we hope she will be with you in lots of these.

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