Omonoia Necklace 72,00 
Recycled sterling silver | Sterling silver chain

Omonoia Necklace

Recycled sterling silver | Sterling silver chain

Omonoia Necklace is a handcrafted necklace with an organic circular pendant.

Made by 100% recycled sterling silver. The pendant is made from scraps of recycled silver from our workshop. Also, Omonoia necklace comes with a sterling silver belcher Chain 60cm.

We sculpt the metal with fire to create this necklace. So, each pendant takes unique shapes.


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Inspiration note from Caterina:

As this pendant is made with scrap silver and fire sculpting in my workshop, the shapes vary and may differ slightly from the picture. This makes each piece unique.

Omonoia necklace is the second in the series of circular necklaces. This organic and upcycled design symbolises the human connections and solidarity. It is made with the technique or fire sculpting where scrap pieces of silver are heated with fire. At the proper heating point the metal melts and flows creating strong connection. After self love, comes the love to the other person. “Omonoia“ is the connection to others in this jewellery series. We hope this piece will be a reminder of solidarity. When we are together we flow and magic happens.

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