Our Pillars

100% recycled sterling silver certified, audited, traceable.

Small & sustainable production by order.

Slow Production with respect to our partners & employees.

Plastic free packaging.

Reusable jewelry pouches made from scrap fabrics.

Shipping emissions paid back every year for a planet saving cause.

Lifetime repair service.

Pillar 01

100% recycled sterling silver certified, audited, traceable.

All our jewellery is crafted from Ecosilver sourced from Cooksongold in the UK. Ecosilver is an environmentally friendly raw material for jewelry making, composed of 100% recycled scrap metal. This eco-conscious material is derived from recycled silver found in various industries, including medical, electronics, and giftware. Our trusted partners provide Ecosilver products with certificates of authenticity, ensuring the origin of the material. Furthermore, our supplier is an ISO-accredited company, subject to ongoing assessments that guarantee Ecosilver’s production adheres to a fully traceable and audited process.

All our collections are created using Ecosilver wires and metal sheets in our studio, or through the lost wax technique at an Athens-based casting workshop. Even our casted pieces utilize fine Ecosilver blended with scrap silver from our workshop. To maintain quality and integrity, we cast our pieces in dedicated pots at Apiliotis, ensuring that our production exclusively uses certified silver.

Our chains and jewellery findings are crafted from Silver .925, sourced from Cooksongold in the UK or from Athens-based suppliers like Silvermarket and Bijouterie.

apiliotis recycled silver

Pillar 02

Small & sustainable production by order

We are committed to minimizing our production’s impact on the environment and our local community. We’ve nurtured long-lasting partnerships with ethical-minded collaborators who share our values.

All our jewellery pieces are meticulously handcrafted in our cozy Athens studio or created through the intricate process of hand carving wax and casting in a workshop based in Athens. Our production strictly adheres to sustainable techniques, utilizing animal-free materials and environmentally safe methods for chemical waste disposal.

Our production is intentionally small and deliberate, primarily driven by customer orders. We take great pride in dedicating our time and craftsmanship to each piece, as it lies at the heart of our business. As a compact and close-knit team, we may have limited output, but our unwavering focus is on delivering high-quality, enduring designs and pieces.

apiliotis small production

Pillar 03

Slow Production with respect to our partners & employees

We don’t just focus on producing jewellery that’s small in scale and high in quality; we also cherish every step of the crafting process. In fact, this dedication forms the very essence of our brand – jewellery that carries the memories of its creation, etched into each piece by our skilled craftsmen’s hands.

We hold our partnerships in high regard and make a conscious effort not to overload them, even during peak periods. We highly value our partners and ensure they receive fair compensation for their invaluable contributions to our products.

Please allow 8-10 working days for your item to be prepared and shipped.


Pillar 04

Plastic Free Packaging

All our packaging is plastic-free, in line with our commitment to sustainability. Our postal and jewellery boxes are free from plastic and devoid of lamination or glue that might render them non-recyclable in certain areas.

Furthermore, our cards and information leaflets are crafted from eco-friendly paper sourced from agro-industrial waste (Favini – crush/corn). This innovative paper replaces up to 15% of virgin tree pulp with organic product process residues. It boasts a host of eco-credentials, including FSC™ certification, production with EKOenergy, GMO-free status, and a 40% post-consumer recycled waste composition. These efforts result in a remarkable 20% reduction in carbon footprint. Both the production process and the end product are safeguarded by a European patent.

Notably, this paper is fully recyclable and can be home composted, aligning with our commitment to reducing environmental impact.


Pillar 05

Reusable Upcycled Jewellery Pouches

Our jewellery pouches are crafted in collaboration with a valued partner, the Kokkos Upcycled Project. These pouches are lovingly handmade using repurposed scrap fabrics. Our partnership with Eugenia, the founder of Kokkos Upcycled Project, was forged with the aim of offering a luxurious jewellery case that doesn’t come at the expense of our environment.

These pouches serve a dual purpose – they are not only excellent for preserving silver and preventing tarnish but also make for a stylish accessory to safeguard your jewellery during travels.

For orders less than 50euros, we utilize eco-friendly cotton pouches, maintaining our commitment to sustainability in packaging.


Pillar 06

Shipping emissions paid back every year for a planet saving cause

To minimize our brand’s carbon footprint, we are committed to giving back the equivalent of our shipping CO2 costs each year to support environmental causes.

Here’s a summary of our contributions over the past two years:

2020/2021Supported Oceana – Total donation: $150.00. Oceana is an international organization dedicated exclusively to ocean conservation. They work towards measurable change through science-based policy campaigns, fixed deadlines, and clear objectives. Oceana’s mission is to enhance the biodiversity and abundance of our oceans by advocating for policy victories in countries governing significant marine life.

2021/2022Supported ANIMA – Donation: €230.00. ANIMA is a Greek non-profit organization focused on wildlife care and rehabilitation. They annually rehabilitate over 5,000 wild animals, respond to thousands of citizen concerns related to wildlife, and collaborate with authorities, NGOs, and stakeholders to address threats to wildlife.

2022/2023Supported ARCHELON – Donation: €250.00. ARCHELON is the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece, dedicated to sea turtle and habitat conservation. Over the years, they have developed and tested various conservation activities. Their data collection and conservation efforts aim to resolve issues posing threats to sea turtles.

These contributions are a part of our ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility, and we thank you for being a part of our journey towards a more sustainable future.


Pillar 07

Lifetime Repair Service

We want our pieces to become cherished parts of your daily life and valuable assets to your unique style. We provide comprehensive jewellery care instructions with every order, ensuring that you can maintain the beauty and longevity of your pieces. Additionally, we offer a lifetime repair service at no cost, allowing you to enjoy your jewellery for years to come. Our commitment lies in delivering durable, high-quality pieces that hold not just metal and gemstones but also a part of your personal memories.


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