Sustainable Christmas Gifting – buy less | bring more joy in!

As well as being a time of joy, Christmas is undoubtedly a period of excessive consumerism and waste.

In fact, environmentalists have described the holiday season as “the world’s greatest annual environmental disaster”!

Christmas waste statistics show an ever-increasing amount of waste each holiday season, particularly from unwanted gifts, wrapping, packaging and food.

Apart from the waste Christmas is a period with a lot of expenses and financial stress for most of us – especially, this December.



Don’t get us wrong, we love Christmas!


But how can we experience this season of joy, without waste?



Here are some things that we can have in mind when you are choosing our Christmas gifts:


Buy forever pieces – whatever you choose to buy for you or your loved ones, think of a piece that has longevity and can be part of the other’s life for many years to come!


Make thoughtful presents that your loved ones need and will cherish!


Buy from local and small businesses with a positive environmental approach and support your local economy.


Avoid plastic wrapping or reuse things that already have!


Do unmaterialistic gifts! Prepare a nice meal for your special ones, gift them an experience or go to the theaters and enjoy a play together.


Sometimes just say “I love you and I want to spend time with you” is enough! Love is what we need, not things.


So this year, try to buy less and bring more joy in!


Thank you for your support and Happy Christmas beautiful people!
Apiliotis team