There is always light within you, even in your bluest periods

There is always light within you, even in your bluest periods.


We teamed up, with Fotini Zaglara, in order to create bold and beautiful images that showcase the struggles that we all face when bad feelings fill up our bodies and minds.


Mental health is a subject that is very close to our hearts and in our works.


Fotini: “I got inspired by Apiliotis jewellery, especially the pieces that were made during times that were mentally challenging for Caterina, the jewellery designer and creator.”


Jewellery featured:


chunky ring by recycled silver
Crack ring – This jewellery piece is a reminder to continue after a failure to the new paths that this may open.


Picture shows healing earrings product on white background. Front view. Hoop earrings with approx. 1.5cm diameter. On the surface of the hoop are two deep inserts like "scars".

Healing ring & earrings – this jewellery set has been created while Caterina was going through the loss of a beloved person and the creative process of jewellery making helped her healing process.


Alyssa bangle – a unique piece that speaks, its organic design, the deep scars and imperfections is everyone’s truth, several parts may look ugly but the whole is always interesting.



It may take time to shake a bad feeling off but nothing is constant. We are dynamic and strong creatures. Take time and let your light shine🖤




Fotini & Apiliotis team


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