Unexpected Ways to Wear Jewellery

Ready to break free from traditional jewellery norms?

Join us on a thrilling journey as we unveil unexpected ways to wear your favorite pieces.


Versatile Visions: Necklace as a Belt or… Crown


Transform your statement necklace into a glamorous belt or majestic crown.

Explore new realms of style with our Expectations Necklace. You can also use other necklaces, just make sure they are not going to break or bent.

Expactation Necklace as a belt. A handcrafted necklace worn as a belt for elevating styling

Expactations Necklace as a crown. Styled as a hair accessory our expectation necklace creates an eye-catching result


Creative Charm: Bracelet as a Hair Tie


Add elegance to your hairstyle by using a bracelet as a chic hair tie.

Embrace creativity and let your accessories shine. Here, we used our Saran bracelet.


Expressive Edge: Earrings as Nipple Accessories


Make a bold statement by piercing earrings through your tee, creating unique nipple accessories. Embrace edgy and unconventional fashion. We used our Expectation earrings but any type of studs will do.


Buttoned Brilliance: Earring as a Blazer Button


Revamp your blazer with a dazzling earring as a button. Let your style shine with this unexpected twist. We used our Patterns earrings but any piece with similar style will work.



Unleash your creativity with Apiliotis Jewellery and redefine your style.

Explore unconventional ways to wear jewellery, from transforming necklaces to using bracelets and earrings in unexpected ways.

Embrace the unexpected and make a bold fashion statement.

Let your individuality shine through innovative jewellery styling.



Apiliotis team

Symbolizes the journey that someone has to go through in order to connect with ones self. The two models are wearing pieces from our newest collection. All pieces are made by 100% recycled silver