Apiliotis Portrait: Evgenia & George

Evgenia & George


“we aim to shine light on the people wearing the jewelry.

Their style, their thoughts, their inspirations – as told and shown by themselves.

Let’s dive together in to the personal stories of the Apiliotis people.”



Apiliotis Portraits feature Evgenia & George – a couple and parents to be! 


We love everything about those two and their picture! They are friends, work partners and many more to us. So, we decided to include them to our portrait series as an homage to love!


Love we show to ourselves, our partners and life!


They both have a simple and comfortable style but they choose to wear jewelry everyday. Evgenia more than George, we don’t know about their little baby girl yet but we are sure we can influence her style!


Here is the complete catalogue of what they wore:


Apiliotis jewelry, apiliotis portraits,




Picture shows healing earrings product on white background. Front view. Hoop earrings with approx. 1.5cm diameter. On the surface of the hoop are two deep inserts like "scars".












Evgenia & George thank you for reminding us that life is beautiful when you share it with the people you love!  ♡


Photos: Spyros Chamalis



Apiliotis team

Apiliotis jewelry, apiliotis portraits,
Apiliotis jewelry, apiliotis portraits,
Apiliotis jewelry, apiliotis portraits,