From A to Z Collection Pieces

This mini collection, including a necklace, a ring, and a pin, transforms the letters of the alphabet into personalized  jewellery.

A collaborative effort between Caterina and Maria, this collection marks Maria’s debut in jewellery design.


Discovering Authenticity through Letters

In a world defined by myriad influences, the “From A to Z” mini collection encourages a return to simplicity. Embodying authenticity and self-exploration through minimalistic but bold design, the collection is meticulously crafted from silver.


“Who are we, really?” pondered Maria.


The answer lies in the moment when we are given our name and the subsequent significance of initials. This realization birthed a collection that resonates with the essence of self-identity.

The collection’s heartbeat lies in the simple yet profound idea of initials – AKA letters.

Letters, with their inherent power in defining identities and lives, form the core.

Beginning with the Apiliotis Jewellery font—a symbol of the brand’s identity—the journey continues by introducing cracks and imperfections, a seamless blend of Caterina and Maria’s distinct aesthetics.


It’s a fusion of bold, simple, and straight with soft, imperfect, and rounded—creating a piece that retains the essence of the original letter.


We observed the distinctiveness of each letter, reflecting the diverse personalities of individuals. We aim to emphasize that each person is inherently different and entirely unique, even if they share the same name or initials.

Moreover, the flexibility of each piece, allowing them to carry personal meanings, being stackable, and versatile, accentuates the idea that while we are given a name without our personal choice, throughout our lives, we choose to infuse it with personal significance or even alter it.


Product Names and Options: Personalizing Your Style

  • From A to Z Necklace: A bold necklace with a chunky chain and a carabiner closure. You can add many letters and pendants you like in order to achieve the right look for you but also wear more of your jewellery. It is celebrating your initials and your already-owned jewellery treasures.

  • From A to Z Ring: A statement piece capturing the essence of your chosen letter. Each ring has a slightly different “body” since Caterina followed the lines of each letter to create it. Every pieces incorporates the hammered dandelion, Apiliotis’ symbol, and oxidized details.

  • From A to Z Pin: Express yourself uniquely with this versatile pin. You can add it to your coats, jackets, bags, gloves and wherever you think.

  • From A to Z Letter: For a more personalized touch, add your chosen letter to your own chain, bracelet, or safety pin.


See the collection here.


It is Your Identity

“From A to Z” mini collection is more than jewellery; it’s a celebration of personal identity.

Wear your initial proudly or string together a narrative that is uniquely yours.


Craft your identity. Wear your story. From A to Z.



Apiliotis Team